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Online service for viewing .onion sites on the Darknet (hidden services) without connecting to Tor

Sites on the Darknet belong to the .onion domain zone, you need to be connected to the Tor network to view them. This service allows you to open the .onion web page and view its screenshot, HTML code, title, HTTP response headers, response status and final page in case there is a redirect to another address.

This service can be used to analyze web pages and responses from the servers of hidden services on the Dark Web.


  • http://hacking5xcj4mtc63mfjqbshn3c5oa2ns7xgpiyrg2fenl2jd4lgooad.onion
  • http://zqktlwiuavvvqqt4ybvgvi7tyo4hjl5xgfuvpdf6otjiycgwqbym2qad.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  • duckduckgogg42xjoc72x3sjasowoarfbgcmvfimaftt6twagswzczad.onion
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