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Online QR code generator for text

To generate a QR code, simply enter your text in the field on this page and click the “Submit” button. You will be shown a QR code that encodes your text. You do not need to change all other settings. You will also see a link where you can download your QR code.

This service creates a QR code with plain text, without calling additional functions.

Optionally, you can resize the blocks in the checkered QR pattern. The number you provide is the size in pixels of the length of one side of the block (black and white squares).

You can choose the level of error correction.

  • low
  • middle
  • rather high
  • high/maximum

Different levels of error correction can deal with different amounts of damage or blurring when scanning a QR code. “Low” allows the code to be scanned successfully if up to seven percent of the code is hidden or damaged. “Medium” increases this value to 15 percent. “High enough” can handle damage up to 25 percent of the code. A “Highest” level can handle a whopping 30 percent damage or illegibility when scanning a QR code. The more bug fixes you use, the larger the final QR code will be. This is because it needs to store redundant information, which means there will be more blocks in the template.

You can change both the block color and the background color.

Choose the colors of your QR code:


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If you want to contribute, you can make donation for adding new services:

  • PayPal: alexey@miloserdov.org
  • Bitcoin: Click for Address