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Convert IP decimal form to normal form online

This online service converts the decimal form of the IP address to the standard form.

The decimal form is a large integer without division into octets, that is, without periods in the record.

To convert from decimal to normal, you must follow the algorithm:

1. Divide the decimal number by 16777216 (256^3) – the resulting integer value will be the first (leftmost octet).

2. Then subtract the value of the first octet multiplied by 256^3 from the decimal number.

3. The resulting value must be divided by 65536 (256^2). The integer will become the second octet.

4. It is necessary to subtract the product of the second octet and 65536 from the value obtained at the second step.

5. The remainder obtained in the fourth step must be divided by 256. The integer value will become the third octet.

6. It is necessary to subtract the product of the third octet and 256 from the value obtained at the fifth step. The resulting difference will become the fourth octet.


  • 1123634308
  • 114440040
  • 521982950
  • 3111491919


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