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Scanning IPv6 addresses for open port

IPv6 addresses can be specified by their fully qualified IPv6 address or hostname or with CIDR notation for subnets. Octet ranges aren't yet supported for IPv6.

This scan is performed by the famous Nmap program. This program will scan the specified IP or website address, show open ports and running services. You can specify multiple IPs, their range or one website address.

If you specified only one website/IP address, then you will get results fairly quickly. If you specify a large range, it may take several minutes to get the first results.

The port entry field can be left blank. Then in this case the most frequently used ports will be scanned. You can enter a single port, a range of ports through a dash, multiple ports or ranges separated by commas. No spaces are needed, all characters except numbers, hyphens and commas are filtered out.

Please do not specify too large ranges or too many addresses, since scanning is performed via Tor (i.e., slow), and the maximum scanning time is limited. If the scan is not completed within timeout period, it will be reset, and the results will be lost.


  • suip.biz
  • 2a0b:f4c0:16c:4::1
  • 2a02:f680:1:1100::3d5f
  • 2604:a880:800:c1::2ae:d001

Port examples:

  • 80
  • 1-100
  • 1-100,443
  • 1-100,443,8000-8100
IP or URL:
Port(s) (optional):

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