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Automatic encoding detection and conversion. Escaping text and converting to readable form an escaped sequence and different encodings

A collection of utilities for text escaping and unescaping in JavaScript. Try typing "abc" in the first form to see how it works. Any form can be edited.

Source: http://0xcc.net/jsescape/

Plain text hide all
\uXXXX hide
&#DDDD; hide
&#xXXXX; hide
Punycode hide
Encoding for the followings:
\xXX hide
\OOO hide
Base64 hide
Quoted-printable hide
URL hide
MIME + Base64 hide
MIME + Quoted-printable hide


  • No data is sent to the server (i.e. everything is done in JavaScript).
  • Conversion from Unicode to other encodings such as Shift_JIS can be slow first time as it needs to initialize internal conversion tables.
  • Surrogate pairs in UTF-16 are supported. Try inserting \uD840\uDC0B in the second form.
  • Three-byte characters in EUC-JP are not supported.

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