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Online QR code generator with site address or file for download (URL)

As an address, you can specify a domain, web page address, or a file to download.

To generate a QR code, just enter the website address, for example:

  • https://suip.biz

Please note that the site address must begin with the string “https://” or “https://”.

You will be shown a QR code that encodes your text. You do not need to change all other settings. You will also see a link where you can download your QR code.

When scanning the code, the application prompts you to open a link.

You can change the block color and background color, as well as other settings.

Choose the colors of your QR code:


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If you want to contribute, you can make donation for adding new services:

  • PayPal: alexey@miloserdov.org
  • Bitcoin: Click for Address