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Decompression (full form) IPv6

This service is intended for recording in full form of IPv6 addresses.

Full IPv6 addresses are displayed as eight four-digit hexadecimal numbers (that is, eight groups of four characters), separated by colons. Example address:


Hexadecimal numbers are written using the numbers 0 through 9 and the letters “a” through “f”.

The entire entry can be abbreviated using several notation methods, for example 2001:0db8:0000:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334 is the same as 2001:db8::8a2e:370:7334.

Input examples:

  • ::1
  • ad::d23:0:3:45
  • 2a02:6b8:a::a
  • 2a02:f680:1:1100::3d60
  • 2604:a880:800:c1::2ae:d001
  • 2001:db8:11a3:9d7:1f34:8a2e:7a0:765d


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