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Do I have IPv6

Service for checking if I am using IPv6 addresses.

IPv4 (or as they are also called just IP) addresses are running out, and there are more and more devices connected to the network. To solve this problem, IPv6 addresses have been created, of which there are many more.

In order to make the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 smoother, modern networks are able to work with both types of addresses.

All modern operating systems support IPv6. Most of the software also knows how to work with IPv6. Many websites have both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. However, in some countries, ISPs do not support IPv6, and as a result, their customers use IPv4 even if all other conditions are met.

This service will help you determine if you can open sites using IPv6 or only the old version is available to you.

You are NOT using IPv6!

Your IP address:
Your hostname: ec2-44-200-40-195.compute-1.amazonaws.com

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